Hardware \ Software/ Live ware

What are the three classified categories


· Hardware


· Software


· Live ware










What is Hardware?


Hardware means all the physical parts of a the computer



Printer/mouse/Scanner/Joystick/Keyboard/Speakers/RAM/Mike/CD-Rom/Motherboard/processor/Mornitor/DVD-Rom/Floppydisk/Flashdrive/Camera/ups/Soundcard/vgacard/faxmoderm/router/Network switch

What is Software?


Software means all the programs that runs the  computer

It controls all the hardware parts in computer.


The Software would be categories into two parts-


· Application Software


· System software


What is System software?


These are programs which help to run other programs and protect the system


System software can be again be classified into two parts


· Operating system






· System tools

What is Livewire?


People (users) who use the computer are known as Livewire


Data entry operator

1. Text Box: Definitions Roles, Responsibility 
Logs and codes data according to prescribed standards. Inputs data into computer system.
Verifies recorded information to ensure accuracy and completeness of data. Identifies and corrects errors.
Updates files and records. Creates back-up files.
Operates computers and office equipment.
Assembles, batches, and distributes data.
Oversees and instructs support staff.
Performs additional functions incidental to data entry activities


Database administrator

1. Design and document database architecture. Data Modeling.

2. Design Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence platform

3. Build database scheme, tables, procedures and permissions

4. Set up data sharing and disk partitioning

5. Develop database utilities and automated reporting

6. Create shell scripts for task automation

7. Create, test and execute data management languages

8. Analyze and sustain capacity and performance requirements

9. Analyze, consolidate and tune database for optimal efficiency

10. Monitor systems and platforms for availability.

11. Oversee backup, clustering, mirroring, replication and failover

12. Restore and recover corrupted databases

13. Install and test upgrades and patches

14. Implement security and encryption

15. Provide 24/7 support for critical situations

16. Evaluate and recommend new database technologies










Project manager


System annalist


Quality control manager


System engineer


Hardware engineer


Graphical designer


UI engineer


Web master


Web designer


Network administrator


Content writer










What is Application software?


These are programs that perform a specific task.

Give two examples of system software?

Operating system and system tools

What is the difference between Hardware and Software?


Software is not a tangible. Hardware is tangible


Without a Software Hardware is Useless


Hardware is main physical part of the computer/


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